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    "Debbie gets it done!"

    There still is a call for a full-service agent in this market, and Debbie is it. In fact ESPECIALLY in this market, you will need someone who will literally go the full distance and get your house sold ethically and for the best possible price and terms amidst all the insanity.She did it for us even in a less than ideal season and we felt fantastic at closing about the whole process and price. She is a top rated agent (Seattle Magazine 5 star) and it shows. She likewise got us into our new home which was even more challenging and unsettling in this bid-crazy market. Debbie gets it done, all of it done, and done with quality and complete assurance. So glad we went with her.
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    "Debbie was great!"

    Debbie was great. She really made the home buying process so easy. She's very easy to work with, and made my first purchase not so scary. She and Max were really there for me with any questions I had along the way

    Jeffrey P.
    "I would highly recommend Debbie Jefferson as your Realtor!"

    I would highly recommend Debbie Jefferson as your Realtor. Debbie assisted me when I put my house up for sale in North Seattle during a slow time last summer and held multiple openings until it sold. She is a consummate professional and extremely knowledgeable when it comes to what was needed before and after the sale.Debbie recommended an amazing house cleaner, stager, and window cleaner that made my 1940’s house look better then ever (I was actually debating if I should sell). We also ran into an unexpected issue with our inspection and Debbie navigated the complications flawlessly and even had a contractor on hand last minuet to help. Thank you Debbie and I wish you continued success!
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    Marcy K.
    "You will never be sorry if you choose Debbie Jefferson!"

    It had been a while since I dipped my reticent toes in the Real Estate waters, and I cannot tell you how reassuring and calming it was to have Debbie Jefferson on my side. Not just because of her acumen, her ability to write the best possible offer, and her knowledge of the area but because I trulybelieved she saw me as a partner and not as a "sale." You will never be sorry if you choose Debbie Jefferson as your partner in your real estate adventure. Now dip those toes!
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    Russ Q.
    "Debbie is a true professional in every sense of the word!"

    Debbie represented us when we bought our home in Seattle in 2007 and she represented us when we sold it in 2016. Debbie is a true professional in every sense of the word. She is both experienced and knowledgeable but more importantly she worked tirelessly in helping sell our home.Debbie looked out for our interests at every step of way and ensured we received maximum value while minimizing downside risk. My wife and I would recommend her to any seller or buyer in the Seattle area.
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    "Highly knowledgeable, professional, personable and authentic agent!"

    Debbie was recommended to me by a friend who described her as a highly knowledgeable, professional, personable and authentic agent. She proved herself to be all those things and more as she sold my condo and helped me buy my dream house. Her expertise garnered the highest selling price per square foot in the history of that condo building.She also secured my house for a reasonable price in a highly competitive market. In the year and a half since I bought my house, I've returned to Debbie for advice and she continues to guide me through house related decisions. The greatest compliment is a referral and I am so happy to say that I've referred her to four dear friends who have found her to be the consummate professional that I have.
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    "Debbie is extremely professional!"

    Debbie helped us to win a competitive offer process for our dream home in the exact neighborhood location we wanted. She also helped us to sell our previous home form $25,000 more than we thought we could get! Debbie is extremely professional, and her advice expertly guided us through the home buyingand selling process in Seattle's competitive market.
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    Karin I.
    "We give Debbie Jefferson a “five star” or “A+” rating! "

    We give Debbie Jefferson a “five star” or “A+” rating! Debbie is extremely savvy and professional. We interviewed several highly recommended realtors, but Debbie stood out because of her calm, can-do attitude. She clearly and patiently explained the ins and outs of the Seattle market and – very importantly nowadays – how to forge an aggressive Purchase and Sales Agreement.With Debbie’s expert guidance we were able to make a very strong, genuine offer on our home. It turns out that we didn’t even make the highest offer, but the offer that Debbie helped us assemble got the sellers’ attention and she once again provided invaluable assistance to negotiate terms with the sellers. Debbie is the agent you want to not only find your dream home, but to actually get your offer accepted. We enthusiastically recommend Debbie to friends and family.
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    R. Diaz
    "She brings positive energy to what can be a very stressful process!"

    As first time home buyers, we were so glad we chose Deb Jefferson to be our agent. She is very knowledgeable about the Seattle market and was very patient with us. Deb did an amazing job at listening to our needs and showing us homes that matched perfectly with our goals and priorities.She brings positive energy to what can be a very stressful process and truly goes the extra mile for her clients. She understands the competitive Seattle market and gave us great strategic advice when writing our offer. Thanks to Deb’s experience and professionalism we were able to win on our very first offer and we couldn’t be more excited for our new home. If this is your first time buying a home, give Deb Jefferson a call! She will make sure you find the right home for your exact needs.
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    Tracie L.
    "She was with us every step of the way!"

    I can't recommend Debbie Jefferson highly enough! In my 40 years of extensive experience buying and selling homes, there is no one who comes close to the service/professionalism of Debbie Jefferson. First off, she had the best professional advise of anyone I've ever worked with, even in Manhattan,New York City! And she was with us every step of the way, taking care of every detail of preparing the property for sale, determining exactly what needed to be done, making sure all other parties involved did their work (e.g.: clean-up, repairs, staging, title, HOA, etc), and executing flawlessly. She was in constant communication - we never had to ask about anything! i trust her with my children, let alone a piece of property! Cannot put a price on this! DJ is PRICELESS!
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    Susan M.
    "We highly recommend Debbie as an agent!"

    Debbie made the difference in our ability to find a and win the house that we love. She made herself available throughout our search, was instrumental in providing insights relevant to the market, and delivered when it really mattered the most. As first-time home buyers Debbie provided us with critical education while also respecting our personal preferences and circumstances.We highly recommend Debbie as an agent!
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    Niall K.
    "I am really thankful that I got to work with her!"

    Debbie helped me find and purchase my first home. She was highly recommended to me by two close friends and she exceeded my expectations based on those recommendations! I can't even begin to describe how helpful she was with the home buying process. I literally felt overwhelmed by everything,but she was patient with me and really made sure everything came together. I also can't say enough about how good she is about communicating. I always felt like I was in the loop and knew what was going on. I am really thankful that I got to work with her.
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    "We can't say enough about our experience with Debbie!"

    We can't say enough about our experience with Debbie as our buyer's agent. She was transparent, efficient, and patient with us as we discovered what we were looking for in a home. Her practical and timely moves got us our home, period. She knew exactly when to push on sellers and when to strategically cater to what they needed.On top of her professional prowess, Debbie is a delightful person to share this experience with and helped us laugh through the highs and lows of the process (of course, ending with a triumphant laugh!). We feel incredibly fortunate not only for the home we purchased but for having someone we could fully trust in our corner throughout the journey.
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    Josh P.
    "Debbie is the absolute best real estate agent out there!"

    Debbie is the absolute best real estate agent out there. My husband and I started looking for a house in the most desirable (ie, most difficult area to buy in) areas of Seattle at the end of summer 2017. We first used a different agent, who kept delegating us to his much less experienced partner.After losing 6 offers, we knew we had to change agents and that the crazy Seattle real estate market required the best and most experienced agent in order for us to win an offer. We were referred to Debbie by a friend who was her former client and raved about her - saying besides that fact that she had helped her and 3 or 4 other friends win offers, she was also an incredibly kind, caring person. When we started working with Debbie, we found this to be exactly who she is. She is truly a wonderful agent and person who goes way above and beyond. In two weeks, Debbie helped us win an offer on a home near the University of Washington, and beat out 6 other buyers. She presented our offer personally to the seller's agent which was amazing. After the closing, which went very smoothly, Debbie even helped us set up our new home to be a part-time rental since we were new to the area and working a lot. That is unheard of for an agent! I can't say enough about Debbie, and I now consider her my good friend in Seattle who helped welcome us to the city. We highly, highly recommend her!
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    Michelle L.
    "Debbie was wonderful to work with!"

    Debbie was wonderful to work with. For the first 14 months of our search, we were "just looking," but Debbie always made us feel like we were her only clients. We were from out of town, and Debbie was very good at getting us in to look at houses, even when there was only a short window of time when we were available,and giving us candid feedback about the houses we saw. It may seem like a minor point, but in all the hours we spent with Debbie, we were never tired of being with her. Most importantly, when we were really serious and ready to move, Debbie helped us negotiate and buy our dream house for below the asking price!
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    Paige P.
    "She really listens to what you are looking for!"

    Debbie Jefferson was absolutely brilliant to work with. I came from overseas to find a home and she cleared her schedule to house hunt with me. She saw what type of homes I was looking for and was able to suggest homes I would like. She did not choose homes that were out of my price range nor homesthat I would not be interested in. After a family emergency I had to return home but kept in contact. We moved to the general area that we were looking for homes and again Debbie was absolutely great! It took less than a week for me to find an absolutely amazing home via Debbie's suggestion. She came with me and helped me through the process of buying my home. I would definitely use Debbie again and we have used her in the past when we bought a home and sold that home. She really listens to what you are looking for and only shows you homes that match what you want! I had an absolutely brilliant time house hunting and a really brilliant experience working with Debbie!
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    Jenn G.
    "She is always willing to go the extra mile!"

    My husband and I have known Debbie for more than two decades and she has helped us buy and sell two houses, the latest earlier this year. Debbie understands the real estate business well, loves the city and is always willing to go the extra mile to make the right thing happen.When we returned to Seattle earlier this year, she set up scouting trips around Puget Sound so we could identify the right place to settle and eventually found us a home in our budget that had great bones and appraised for significantly more than the selling price. She also used her negotiating savvy to help us deal with a challenging seller. I would recommend Debbie to anyone interested in finding a home in Seattle, whether it's a first time buyer or a retiree wanting to downsize.
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    "I was immediately stuck by her demeanor, professionalism and knowledge!"

    I met Debbie in 2012 when she helped me negotiate a condo purchase in a co-housing community. I was immediately stuck by her demeanor, professionalism and knowledge. I appreciated that fact that she was looking out for my best interest, even though it was her co-worker who was the listing agent.That whole transaction went so smoothly and she even had recommendations on the remodeling I had in mind to expand the unit. And then here we are, 3 years later, I reached out to Debbie to help me sell the beautifully remodeled unit. She once again skillfully negotiated the best possible price with the best possible fit. Everything simply fell back into place, we signed and closed the deal on 9/24/2015. I cannot express my gratitude towards her, in terms of her ethics, transparency, and generous nature. On a personal note, she even took my dog in when I couldn't find someone to watch the little escape artist. I have worked with several real estate agents, but she is the only one I returned to for a 2nd transaction. =)
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    Rj S.
    "She makes your dreams her absolute priority!"

    Debbie spent months in 2006 finding the perfect condo for us, she was the one who told us "Roosevelt is going to be big". 10 years later she was the agent who told us when the time was right, and got us the highest $ per SF in the building, even better than the top floor 2 bedroom units.Debbie handled the staging, photography, open houses (which are not easy with a condo) and got us 4 offers all over asking in 4 days. Debbie defines "trusted advisor" in a world with online everything and fluffy reviews she is the real deal, nose to the ground, goes by her gut (with data to back it up) and makes your dreams her absolute priority.
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    J. Morefield
    "Debbie was wonderful and handled every detail!"

    I cannot recommend Debbie highly enough. She helped me sell my condo in Seattle while I was living in North Carolina, a task that had me nervous from so far away. Debbie was wonderful and handled every detail, keeping me from having to fly out to do sale prep, and she communicated with me every step of the way to relieve my anxieties.When sale time came, she helped me price it strategically and then negotiate multiple offers until I had a fantastic price. I couldn't be happier. I only wish she could now help me sell my house in North Carolina!
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    "She was clear and concise!"

    Debbie helped me keep on top of a crazy market, work the negotiations on three different offers, and ultimately find and buy an amazing home. She was very available to go and look at homes even in the summer months, and when she was unavailable she always had someone competent help me go and see them.Additionally, she was responsive to my needs as I got a better idea of what was there in my price range. And finally, when it got down to brass tacks, she was clear and concise with me and the seller, helping me understand my options and potential pitfalls. Thanks Debbie!
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    Colin K.
    "I hands down recommend Debbie!"

    Debbie helped us buy our house in Ravenna in 2011, and then sell it in spring of 2018. We recommend her to all of our friends. She is exceedingly patient, which is an important skill as a buyer negotiating Seattle real estate for the first time. She knows the market intimately,so when you're finally ready to buy she will put you in position to make a competitive offer. And when you're ready to sell, she knows all the right people and touches to make your house stand out of the crowd and maximize your return. I hands down recommend Debbie to anyone looking to buy or sell a house in Seattle!
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